Common painkillers are more dangerous than we think

Category: Healthcare News

New research shows that common painkillers (NSAIDs) have more side effects than we think, and […]

Spinal manipulation treatment for low back pain associated with modest improvement in pain, function

Category: Healthcare News

Among patients with acute low back pain, spinal manipulation therapy was associated with modest improvements […]

Intraoperative Methadone Cuts Post-Op Opioid Use in Spine Sx

Category: Healthcare News

For patients undergoing posterior spinal fusion surgery, intraoperative methadone administration is associated with reduced postoperative […]

Worse pain outcomes after knee replacement for patients who took opioids before surgery

Category: Healthcare News

Six months after knee replacement surgery, pain outcomes were not as good for patients who […]

Pain linked to non-medical prescription opioid use in young adults

Category: Healthcare News

Physical pain—often “self-medicated” without help from healthcare professionals—is an important contributor to non-medical prescription opioid […]

Age no barrier for back surgery benefits

Category: Healthcare News

Seniors can benefit from herniated disc surgery, according to the results of a study conducted […]

Location of spinal correction influences risk of proximal junctional kyphosis development

Category: Healthcare News

A new study reports that PJK risk following lumbar spinal fusion depends on the level […]

Spinal cord injury patients face many serious health problems besides paralysis

Category: Healthcare News

Spinal cord patients also are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease; pneumonia; life-threatening blood clots; […]

Generating improvement in spinal cord injuries

Category: Healthcare News

A new therapy to treat spinal cord injuries in people who have lost all motor […]

Sex differences in brain activity alter pain therapies

Category: Healthcare News

A female brain’s resident immune cells are more active in regions involved in pain processing […]


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